6 Week Beginners Ceramic Design Course with Alex Allday

6 Week Beginners Ceramic Design Course with Alex Allday

Alex Allday is a Ceramic and Surface Pattern Designer who graduated from Staffordshire University in 2015 with an MA in Ceramic Design. Alex produces decorative ceramic wares with distinctive surface pattern details and qualities that are inspired by the fusion of traditional patterns and styles. Her work combines a variety of techniques and processes to create a diverse range surface designs applied to decorative wares.

During this 6 week course you will learn the process of slip casting using plaster moulds to cast your own tealight/ pot. You will then be shown how to fettle and clean up your pieces followed by a variety of surface decoration techniques including glazing. You will have the opportunity to design and develop your own surface transfers that will be printed ready to use on your final pieces. Other stock transfer patterns will be available to use if desired.

This 6 week course will enable you to challenge your creativity in a fun and stimulating environment and equip you with a variety of different skills and knowledge within ceramics and surface design.

Cost per person £210 including all materials and firings
Max number of participants 5
Min age 16+

Activity Schedule

Week 1 – 13th September
Slip Casting
Introduction to my practice and the slip casting process using pre made plaster moulds.

Slip cast your own tealights/ pots using porcelain slip – you will be able to cast at least 4 pieces.

Week 2 – 20th September
Fettling and Surface decoration techniques
You will be shown how to fettle and clean up your pieces followed by demonstrations of different surface decoration techniques using coloured slips, stains, scraffito and textures.

You’ll have the opportunity to sketch and draw your own designs before applying them straight onto your pots and can practise the different techniques onto prepared handmade porcelain tiles.

Week 3 – 27th September
Design your own transfers
Refine and finish the initial surface decoration techniques onto your slip casted pieces and tiles ready for the bisque firing.

Start to design and develop patterns for your own printed surface transfers that will later be applied to your pieces.

Week 4 – 4th October
Glazing pieces
You will be shown how to glaze your bisque pieces ready for their 2nd firing.

Finish off your designs for the surface transfers that you want to add to each of your pieces.
(these will then be printed ready for the following week and pieces will be glaze fired)

Week 5 – 11th October
Decorating with surface transfer prints
You will be shown how to decorate your pieces with transfers to create interesting compositions for surface decoration.

You’ll then start to decorate each of your pieces with your own printed transfers. Ready-made stock patterns will be available to use if desired.

Week 6 – 18th October
Refining and finishing pieces
This final session will give you the opportunity to finish applying your transfers and refine your final pieces.

You will also have the opportunity to go over and practice any of the shown techniques and processes throughout the course further.

All of your pieces will have their transfer firing and you’ll be contacted when they’re ready the following week.

All of the necessary materials and equipment needed for the course will be provided and are included within the cost.

I will fire your pieces ready for the following session, which is also included within the cost.

With keeping it a small group of a maximum of 5 people allows for one on one tuition and support.

At the start of each week you will be given the aims and objectives of the session followed by a detailed demonstration from myself for each activity.

All abilities welcome and you do not need to have prior knowledge and experience in ceramics.

Where old clothing, I will provide aprons

Tea and Coffee will be provided

Any other info…
If you have any particular designs, patterns and objects for inspiration that you want to work from please bring them along.